In January 2019, Mistaker Maker was challenged by the FunnyHow? agency to take care of the tunnel that joins the New School of Business and Economics and Carcavelos Beach, based on the motto that Sagres is using in recent years, 'NINGUÉM NOS PÁRA' (meaning something like ‘no one stops us’.

Undeniably, today Portugal is a visionary place where ancestral traditions blend with contemporary ideas, and where contrasting projects and lifestyles coexist in a new harmony that is constantly reinventing and surprising us.

This idea of movement, transformation, contrasts and reinvention is central to the illustration of the concept of 'NINGUÉM NOS PÁRA' that Sagres intended to see reflected in this work and in this specific context.

'FROM NOVA TO THE BEACH, NO ONE STOPS US’ mirrors the concept that the urban artist AkaCorleone worked on this site. On one side of the tunnel is a more playful lifestyle, with the beach, friends, activities like graffiti or skateboard, beach, music, that is, a more fun side of life. On the other side of the tunnel, the concept focuses more on university activities, classes, social networks and technologies, always targeting with the young audience that will attend most of this space.

Site Specific Art Intervention





curation, development and production


Nova School of Business and Economics, Carcavelos, Portugal


AkaCorleone (Portugal)

Artwork created