In July 2019, the Santarém City Council and Santarém Culture challenged Mistaker Maker to talk about freedom, to portray freedom, to honor the women and men of Santarém, the city that became the cradle of the April Revolution.

At dawn on April 25, 1974, those heroes, led by Salgueiro Maia, would leave the old Cavalry Practice School (EPC), heading to Lisbon, to forever change the history of Portugal.

The EPC was undoubtedly the engine of April 25th and this symbolism deserves to be preserved in this symbolic place. The chaimite that carried Salgueiro Maia, the Bula, is equally immortalized on the walls of the old quarter, by the talent of the artist Samina.

During this intervention, the artist also held a stencil workshop open to the public.

Site Specific Art Intervention



Santarém Culture | Santarém City Council


curation, development and production


Santarém, Portugal


Samina (Portugal)

Artwork created