The pandemic crisis that hit the country (and the world) in early 2020, confined us at our homes as a unique form of combat and, undeniably, exposed the immense weaknesses of our Portuguese society, which span many sectors such as the arts and the entire cultural industry, health, etc.

However, despite the strong concern and attention to the developments that occurred daily in the most varied areas and specifically in the culture which we are part of, from the first day, out of a sense of interest, vocation, empathy or simply, a careful look of years on the ground, the CARING FOR THE ELDERLY, was the issue that took us the most time of concern and reflection.

It was inevitable to feel the fear and anxiety (normal for anyone in a situation like the one we live in) aggravated for a group of risk over which so many deaths were counted. But we were mainly concerned by the consequent “escape forwards” that we observed among this age group, who seemed to feel they had nothing to lose in this fight and filled the streets, squares and parks, as extensions of their homes. It was noticed the doubt, the denial, the anguish in the face of a distance and feeling of abandonment, in many cases, aggravated.

This observation led us to think about how we could help the elderly during the weeks of confinement, when they would be in their homes a little more isolated from the world and given the fact that only a small percentage have access to technologies, capable of minimizing this distance.

This observation led us to think about how we could create mechanisms of communication between generations of the same family, between generations of the same community. To get closer, even though we are far away. To share, to show solidarity, to create hope.

And in just 14 days after the first concern, the answer came in the form of Quarantine Workbook: 40 ideas to make the most of time, a mission for which we brought together 40 authors: illustrators, visual artists, calligraphers, writers, urban artists, architects, ...; to which we launched the challenge of creating 'something' capable of arousing empathy in an elderly person, pulling out a smile, lifting him off the couch, firming a positive thought, feeding his soul on the strange days we are living in, cementing certainty that there is someone, near or far, who looks after him.

This book, presented itself as a compendium of illustrations to paint, with stories, messages, 'beginnings of conversation', puzzles, illustrated words, 'new forms of communication' between the elderly and the world, between grandparents and grandchildren, that can be sent / exchanged for purchases or deliveries, etc; able to occupy their time and (we reiterate) feed their soul.

In addition, this document became a working tool, which has enabled proximity teams of parish, councils, private and / or public entities across the country to take something more than what is strictly necessary to their elderly, something that fed the soul of many who had no (remote) connection to the world.

This was a non-profit initiative, built entirely of donations, from us, from the authors and the companies (list below) that joined us in order to get the Quarantine Workbook, on paper, to the largest number of people.

On July 23, 2020, the 'Quarantine Workbook | 40 ideas to take advantage of time' was recognized by the Ministry of Culture as a project of cultural interest for the purposes of Cultural Patronage, which may enjoy the tax benefits provided for in the Cultural Patronage regime.

This Quarantine Workbook is not a scratch pad (but it could be!).

This Quarantine Workbook is not an instruction book (although we leave you some).

This Quarantine Workbook is not an encyclopedia, in which we find the closed answers (being that for what we are going through, nobody has them yet!).

This Quarantine Workbook is also not a normal a workbook (although some will make you exercise your body and mind a lot!).

This Quarantine Workbook is not a mere book with ideas on how to make the most of your time during the next days at home.

This Quarantine Workbook is the simplest and most felt way that we (40 authors and a few more) have arranged, to tell you that we care about you (yes you!).

This Quarantine Workbook was the way we arranged, from a distance, to tell you that we are close by, very close to you!


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±MaisMenos± (Portugal), Adamastor (Portugal), Aheneah (Portugal), AkaCorleone (Portugal), Ana Aragão (Portugal), Ana Seixas (Portugal), André da Loba (Portugal), André Letria (Portugal), António Jorge Gonçalves (Portugal), Bárbara R. (Portugal), Catarina Glam (Portugal), Clara Não (Portugal), Cláudia Guerreiro (Portugal), Francis.co (Portugal), GonçaloMar (Portugal), Halfstudio (Portugal), Hugo Makarov (Portugal), João Fazenda (Portugal), João Varela (Portugal), José Lourenço (Portugal), Júlio Dolbeth (Portugal), Laro Lagosta (Portugal), Los Pepes Studio (Portugal), Malibu Ninjas (Portugal), Mantraste (Portugal), Mariana a miserável (Portugal), Mariana PTKS (Portugal), Mariana Rio (Portugal), Marta Monteiro (Portugal), mynameisnotSEM (Portugal), Nevesman (Portugal), Nicolau (Portugal), Nuno Sarmento (Portugal), Oker (Portugal), Pantónio (Portugal), Samina (Portugal), Tamara Alves (Portugal), Tiago Galo (Portugal), Vasco Costa (Portugal) and Walking Fearless (Portugal)

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