It is from everyday life that Maria Bentes (b. 1998) made Silly be born from her most intimate and sincere ā€œIā€. It emerges unannounced, in a very organic and experimental way, from a need for expression and comes to life at this point of convergence between her two oldest pleasures: music and words. Silly translates into her music everything she experiences and those she crosses paths with, as well as being a vehicle for some introspective journeys.

Music was always on her side when she studied guitar and piano, but it was only about two years ago that she started to set her lyrics to music. Her influences are a consequence of the sounds she surrounds herself with, from hip-hop to jazz, or from R'n'B to MPB. But what truly inspires her are all the environments and living experiences, in a totally unconscious process, which leads her to report and set her words to music. Contrary to expectations, it wasn't the books and poems that inspired her, it was the simple act of observing and absorbing life as it happened.

Being Silly is just living sensibly.