Tiago Francez (n. 1990) also known as The Empty Belly is an artist originally from Lisbon, Portugal.

Having graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon, he has spent the last decade working between Lisbon, Paris, Mulhouse and London. Currently living and working in Mulhouse, France. 

He has previously exhibited his work in numerous group exhibitions in Lisbon, London and Berlin, participated in various mural projects around Europe, and is now part of the association “Le Mur” based in Mulhouse.

Over the past 10 years, the artist has worked and disseminated his trademark graphic monochrome imagery linked to the portrayal of human biogenesis in various representations in his paintings and in murals across Europe under the name The Empty Belly.

The work is normally associated with the question of human nature, whether by affirmation, absence or even in its detriment and seeks to define fragility as well as the origin of the human being's actions, which are believed to always derive from a cause.

Part of Tiago Francez work stands out for the language he uses. Like in Pointillism, it is clear that the point is the exclusive element — both a component of a larger organism but also individual within their own discrete identity.

In addition to Pointillism, the foundational philosophy behind the work is Kandinskian in its thought and can be understood through the Russian artist’s own unique and almost obvious logic: “Everything starts with a dot.”