THE HOOD opened its doors on November 2019 with the fundamental aim to create an art related community and a real bond between visitors and residents of the region. It intends to be the heart of the urban culture, hosting national and international artists through an exclusive curatorship by Mistaker Maker | Platform for Artistic Intervention.

For this first moment of presentation to the public, a group of artists was invited, and despite including different aesthetics (more or less abstract, more or less figurative) and working in different media, instilled THE HOOD an undeniable balance, being possible to observe it and experience it as a whole, new, cohesive, balanced and (already) assumed as a local place.

The work done over 64 days, by an extensive and variable team of 32 people, was followed closely by the director Mariana Vasconcelos

Site Specific Art Intervention



Dolce Vita Tejo | UBBO


curation, graphic identity, development and production


Amadora, Portugal


Aheneah (Portugal), Antonyo Marest (Spain), Colectivo Warehouse (Portugal), Halfstudio (Portugal), João Varela (Portugal), mynameisnotSEM (Portugal), ODE (Portugal), Spidertag (Argentina) and Tamara Alves (Portugal)

Interventions created


Artist: Aheneah (Floating Stitches)

Artists: Antonyo Marest & Halfstudio (Olillegra)

Artists: Colectivo Warehouse (Food Court Resort)

Artist: mynameisnotSEM (Path Finder)

Artist: João Varela (Hood Blocks)

Artist: O D E (Freyme #1)

Artist: Spidertag (Interactive Neon Ceiling)

Artist: Tamara Alves (Arrange whatever pieces come your way)

Hand painted signage by Halfstudio


Tramontana Magazine issue 4